It’s her hands maybe her eyes the way she talk to me . it her hips her smile those dimples she got. She been around as long as I can remember each day it feels like it’s her who gives me reason to wake up.
You ever had this feeling for someone even when they wrong you you forgive so easily. Your first thought in the morning,daytime ,evening like a dose of medicine.
I call her princess met her a year four months ago, she wore a long  white dress. She was getting water at the school tap. She was looking in the opposite direction. I couldn’t help but stare. It’s like God took time to just design her. She got all a ninja be looking for.
I was afraid to approach ,so I used my pal to get her to come to my table at the dining hall. We began talking and after a few weeks I had already gave her a nickname. PRRINCESS.

more coming ………


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