Had the ride of my life today,aboard one of the matatus (minibus) plying to the city Centre. A lot of people have seen a change in the matatu culture in Kenya today. Unlike the old days where you would have a death ride on your way to work and back. Nowadays you can’t wait to get to the matatu stage to see what’s new in your Sacco. Sorry to anyone’s Sacco that hasn’t decided to upgrade to the ng’anyas.
Before I continue allow me to salute the Sacco’s whose ng’anyas are some of the best . Buruburu Sacco massive love, Nawasuku sacco, Lopha Sacco , Rongai Sacco, ROG Sacco, Ummoinner Sacco, just to mention a few .
This industry has created a lot of job opportunities for young people in our society . The same guys who would have been idol in the estate thinking of how to harm you,are now the biggest brain behind some of the deadly ng’anyas.
The ng’anyas come in different sitting capacities . we have the 37, 52, 33, 14, and 60 seaters.
The good thing about this matatus is the comfort and customer service they offer. Simply superb. A lot of Kenyans prefer to ride in ng’anyas.
Booming music and flashing lights are the selling point of this machines. National transport and safety authority are however not pleased by ng’anyas. Their issue with them was the noisy mufflers that are now out. Other things that were not pleasing were flying speed that ng’anyas were being driven at . Praise God for whoever thought of speed governors .
The introduction of innovative and genius ways of attracting customers especially those who are young, has revolutionized the transport industry.
So if you haven’t been ng’anyad up make a date with these mean machines. Ditch your Subaru’s and range rovers and ride to your destination with a ng’anya.
Get Ng’anyad soon.

by Gitema Mbugua.


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