Ladies and gentlemen ,good morning .I woke up with a feeling today ,one that kept coming to my mind as a question. Kenyan culture has evolved over the years and has managed to adapt anything and everything that comes its way .
The music scene, the dress code all have changed in the view of most Kenyans. Gone are the days where “choma” was a culture. Where did our barbeque skills go to.
Is it the Western influence that is making us loose our cool? Who would know you are Kenyan if you walked over the border.
Our talking ,our behavior, should portray the Kenyan in us wherever we go.
Gone are the days where you take a vacation to the united States and come back with an accent. Really my fellow Kenyans , have you ever seen a mzungu go back to his homeland with a Kenyan accent. Do we even have one? What’s makes you Kenyan think of that for a while.
In my opinion what makes us Kenyans are the ways we portray ourselves to the outside world. A while ago I watched a video on YouTube where a foreigner who had just had a vacation at the Mara say in an interview that he has never seen a country so corrupt. His trouble began immediately he landed at JKIA. He was duped by a taxi operator who made rounds in the city Centre to make the trip look longer so as to be paid more.
He quotes “I was to be accommodated at the Stanley’s hotel and the cab guy made rounds the city before getting me there to make more money. It was the highest deception I’ve ever seen”.
This foreigner went back to his homeland knowing the Kenyan culture is bad, a deceptive culture in his words. Actions of one Kenyan portray all of us.
The political scene in Kenya has left the world mouth open. Our politicians preach water and drink Jameson. We have come to be know as a corrupt country and that has affected the development of our nation. What part are you playing to eradicate this culture we have bred in ourselves.
A policeman stretching out his hand and the hand that gives who is more wrong than the other?
These are just thoughts of a patriot, as you begin your beautiful Wednesday morning ask yourself how Kenyan are you?

by Gitema Mbugua.


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