Racism or Assault

My good people so today in the morning we woke up to a video, doing circles all over .
Let me break down in words. There is a pilot and then the police. He (the pilot) wanted service from the cops whose main goal was to keep people at bay away from the helicopter.
The crowd as always amazed by the helicopter , something that we Kenyans rarely see everyday, were rushing all over and around the helicopter. The pilot who is a mzungu, was asking the cops to do their job . 
Did he go too far? Did he have to use force ? Questions I am asking myself after watching the video.
What do u think? What are your thoughts ?
Before I leave this post allow me to put my thoughts down.
First, the pilot was right to ask the people to stay away from the helicopter. Reason being that one can compromise the safety of whoever was being flown in the chopper .
Secondly ,the pilot has a lot to loose if the helicopter is damaged in any way. Its his total responsibility if anything happens to the chopper.
Now back to the police , she was assaulted we can all see it clearly. I however think her thoughts were not fully focused to the task at hand, which was to keep the ” umati” away from the chopper.
I have a few questions to my reader if the pilot was a Kenyan man or rather not white…what do u think would have happens?
Does race and power play a hand in how the situation went down?
Does the policewoman get justice for the assault she got?

by Gitema Mbugua.


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