It’s her hands maybe her eyes the way she talk to me . it her hips her smile those dimples she got. She been around as long as I can remember each day it feels like it’s her who gives me reason to wake up. You ever had this feeling for someone even when they […]

Soul connect

Each time a man connects with a woman sexually and releases his life form energy within her, he leaves a part of his information (DNA) in her birth canal. If she doesn’t clean herself, his energy remain inside of her. That imprint can often create illusional sexual addiction to the individual. When some 1 decide […]


Had the ride of my life today,aboard one of the matatus (minibus) plying to the city Centre. A lot of people have seen a change in the matatu culture in Kenya today. Unlike the old days where you would have a death ride on your way to work and back. Nowadays you can’t wait to […]


Ladies and gentlemen ,good morning .I woke up with a feeling today ,one that kept coming to my mind as a question. Kenyan culture has evolved over the years and has managed to adapt anything and everything that comes its way . The music scene, the dress code all have changed in the view of […]

Racism or Assault

My good people so today in the morning we woke up to a video, doing circles all over . Let me break down in words. There is a pilot and then the police. He (the pilot) wanted service from the cops whose main goal was to keep people at bay away from the helicopter. The […]